3 Graphic Design Myths to Avoid Believing

Graphics design and development is just one of the many fields offering opportunities to grow professionally and financially in the world of the internet. Though this line of work has great potential, a lot of people are hesitant in venturing into it as a business. Probably, one of the biggest reasons is because of the false beliefs, that have stained people’s minds about graphic development. So, here are three of the myths about graphic development that you should at least avoid believing in.

  1. The design is all that matters.
    Though the design can be an attention grabbing and holding aspect, this is not the sole thing that matters in a web design. Your goal is to glue people’s eyes on your portfolio and services, so there has to be logic layout, well crafted content, and interactive features. You need to think creatively! That always trumps mechanical skill.
  2. Building a website is expensive.
    This can be true in a way, yet, it depends greatly on your specific needs. An entry level website with no special content features will be a minimum cost. Not to mention that once you are garnering profits, maintaining a website is not a big deal or cost. Other than hosting, there are no recurring fees. In fact, you can even update your website easily yourself, once created.
  3. There is a need to invest a lot of money to build the business.
    This is the number one thing that keeps people away from the idea of venturing into graphic development. Of course, you will need to spend on software to start with, but this will not really cost a lot. You don’t need a super computer rig, and you won’t likely need much help with your website building. The key is to optimize your assets, spend where needed, and work with as many free programs as possible.