A Modern Business Needs a Modern Web Design

Picture a young couple, nestled down on the couch watching their favorite movie. One suggests to the other that they should order a pizza from the local pizzeria as they have some truly delicious and unique options. One pulls out a cell phone to look for a menu online only to find that no web page exists or maybe there is one but only offers the basic location and contact information. So they decide to go with the big corporate owned pizza place instead because not only do they have a webpage with a menu, but its also an interactive menu so you can even place an order to be delivered. That’s a lost sale for a local small business that depends on the community for survival.

Now picture scenes similar to this happening all over town. That’s a very large portion of revenue that this company has just lost because they simply weren’t accessible enough to the customer through modern web design and applications. It’s a competitive market for any company or product and not having proper web pages, interactive apps, or social media presence is a tremendous handicap. Another local company offers a direct security service. They are good at what they do but the service they provide is discreet and not typically part of regular everyday conversation. This is a company that has been around a while, so they are set in their ways and decide to advertise in the local phone book or newspaper. The website is of outdated design and difficult to navigate. Sure, those methods might have been just fine a decade ago, but today’s world demands a strong web presence. Eventually this company will cease to exist simply because they are unable or unwilling to keep up with times and trends by spending a little more effort building a modern web presence with a dynamic and fluid web page.

One that invites users to interact with, and explore their brand, either directly or through mobile apps. A presence that also inspires and engages social media interaction. With modern web design a company projects to its potential clients and customers that it is confident in its product or service and that its prepared to meet the users needs not only today, but in the future as well. It also increases its reach by tenfold as the younger generations become increasingly web aware and tech savvy. Modern web design is now absolutely essential to a company’s survival in today’s web-based world.