Don’t Use Unprofessional Solutions For Your Business Website

Have you ever been scrolling through your favorite social media site and read about how a friend or acquaintance had a wonderful experience with a local company? Maybe they recently purchased a vehicle or large household item, like a washer or dishwasher, and you thought to yourself “hmmm, maybe I should check them out?”. So you open a new tab or window and do a quick web search. After a little scanning through the results, you find the page your looking for and select it. The page quickly loads to an oversimplified site with a button or two, and a low pixel image combined with a brief summary of the company and the contact info. Ouch. You close the page, completely unimpressed with the lack of content, before even clicking any farther into the site.

What happened? Someone decided to save a few bucks and used an amateur web designer that was only capable of simply creating a web page and linking it to other pages. What they should have had was a professional web designer capable of creating a web site instead of a simple and boring set of pages. Using unprofessional solutions leads to one thing: more problems. What new problems you ask? Lack of content equals lack of interest. Lack of interest equals low traffic and that adds up to a lot of missed sales. It’s like asking a customer to pay full price for a game of mini golf, and then only giving them four holes. They’re just gonna go down the street for the eighteen hole game every time. Even if you offer a great deal. Why? Because it’s more entertaining. It’s more engaging. And frankly, it’s just more fun. The same thing goes for websites, the more content you have to offer the longer you can keep the users attention.

The longer you can keep them on your site, naturally leads to increased sales and/or exposure. Plus, if it’s really unique or has some great features they will be more likely to direct their friends and family leading to, you guessed it, more sales. More exposure. And these engaging sites don’t come from your sisters cousin Charlie whom happens to dabble with basic programming and design from his moms basement (sorry Charlie). They come from the professionals that have tried and true business experiences based on a quality education achieved from accredited schooling and apprenticing. These people make your business, their business. Because they have careers based solely on your websites success or failure. So when considering the future of your businesses website, keep the professionals in mind. They’re the pro’s for a reason, after all.