How to prevent hackers and botters from ruining your website

Without the right security measures, a hacker or botter attack could shut down your website, cause you to lose important information, ruin your business’s reputation, or worse. From small businesses and personal websites to large corporations and government agencies, no one is immune to the threat of a cyber-attack. eCommerce sites are particularly at risk, as storing confidential customer information such as names, addresses, or payment details on your site can make it a more attractive target.

To protect your website from hackers and botters, it’s necessary to set up detailed security measures on many levels. The specific measures you’ll want to take will differ based on the type of website you have, your website’s traffic, and other factors. If you have a WordPress site, for instance, you’ll want to install a reputable security plug-in, set up automatic backups, and take other basic yet essential precautions. It’s extremely important to keep your website, browser, and all plug-ins updated. Set up automatic updates, and monitor your site often. You can also make alterations to your website’s htaccess file to block specific bots from accessing your site, although if you’re not a professional web developer, this can get a little tricky.

If you don’t have the time or know-how to do it all yourself, make an appointment to discuss the unique security needs of your website with someone you can trust. A professional web developer can ensure that your website provides a safe and enjoyable experience for your customers, and also provide you with the peace of mind of knowing your website investment is protected from hackers and botters alike.