How to Use the Tour Page Feature in Website Design


One of the more common new trends in website design today, is the inclusion of a tour page. Many small businesses are employing a tour page on their websites. The function of a tour page is to give visitors an overview of what the site offers. They can then discover the primary services and features that the business has to offer. To be of any true value, a tour page should be easy to understand and should be interesting enough to captivate the attention of its visitors.

Displaying Your Website’s Features

Visitors who go through a tour page frequently skim through the information that is provided. There are various ways that you can direct the visitor properly. You can use varying font sizes (along with bold and italics) to highlight the main points, with further information included as well. The key is to be concise and move along from point to supporting point, effectively selling your message.

Each product should be supported by approximately 3 to 6 important or notable features. Anything more than that can be overwhelming and may prove baffling for your visitors who are attempting to get information quickly. It really is just like any other aspect of web design: less is more.

So keep it simple, and use the language your visitors can easily understand. Avoid complex words and jargon as much as possible. In addition, make sure that the characteristics you highlight show what specific problem the product is attempting to solve. The faster you can get a potential client to see the usefulness of your product or service, the better it is for your business, sales and even your brand image.

What to Include

There are a couple of things that you should not leave out when you’re setting up up a tour page. First, don’t forget to showcase your product with several pictures of it. You would be astonished at how many businesses forget to put up a picture of their product or service. If possible, put up a video as well so that the product or service can be seen in action.

Second, the tour page should also have a call to action. After getting the customer’s attention with your impressive tour, it’s time to benefit by suggesting that they take the next step. The visitor may be enticed to sign up for the product or service by that time (or at least they should be!).

How Website Designers Can Help You Make a Tour Page

Our website design professionals can help frame a tour page that properly functions and that assists your customers in getting a clearer understanding of how your website works. With professional sales writing that converts, graphics and images that motivate and perfect pacing to the ads we create, you can always be sure that your visitors will fully understand and appreciate your business.

Here are some of the things a proper tour page design can do for you:

  • They can be a useful walk through tour with step by step popups which can center on each aspect of your site.
  • They can promote the functionality of your site and assist your visitors through tasks which require multiple steps.
  • You can get effective analytics which can reveal how your customers and visitors connect with your tour page. Did they perform all the steps for a task, or did they lose interest and click out?
  • They can set up a CMS that will help you to put up a tour by yourself, which is especially helpful if you like to modify the appearance or organization of your site on a regular basis.Tour pages help your visitors interpret your website better, so that you can improve your workings and overall customer relations.  If you want to make use of one, our design experts should be able to answer all your inquiries about it.