How to Write a Good Graphic Design Brief

If you want a quality end result, in any creative field, you need to start with a clear and concise design brief. The work that your designer will do and the quality that they will create for your idea is always going to be a reflection of how detailed your initial brief is. To create an effective blueprint, you need the right knowledge and outlook before getting started. First and foremost, you need to make sure that you are very clear in your brief. Also remember, a brief is used to start a conversation with the designer whom you choose to work with.


Here is a quick outline of what you need to do, to ensure that you create a detailed description of the specific design that you want.

  • Begin with an overview stating what exactly your company or organization is and where it is aiming to go. Next you should have an objective. Be clear about what you want the project to accomplish for you. Are you trying to stand out or just launching a new product?This is a good time to detail what your offering is and speak about it to be clear.
  • Then you have to state what exactly the task is that you want to achieve, and whom it is meant to reach. Specify if you need content or copy, who is going to provide it, and what the tone and sentiment should be. What colors and formatting you think would suit the design best, and how open you are to suggestion from your designer.
  • Lastly, be precise about your budget and deadline but also be open to the professional suggestions from the designer you hire. Sometimes they will know just the thing that will set your project above the rest. As their job is in making things look good and stand out, they will often know better than a client; what is best for the overall design choices.