The Website Design Process


When we go through the website design process with our clients, we sit down and get a good idea of what the client does in their business. This helps us figure out their target market, what their market is looking for, how they can represent themselves best in the marketplace, and the type of website design that would help boost their visibility.

Figuring out the client’s target market is important because it will affect the look and feel of the website. Is their target young or old? Is their target affluent or not? Is there market predominately male or female? For example, if their market is young, we might use pictures of teenagers on the website instead of retired couples. We might use extreme typefaces, like graffiti, instead of the standard classic (yet boring) font. The content will be written to engage young people. We won’t use stale old corporate speak on a website for teenagers.

You can see that understanding the target market is a really important part of the web design process. It helps us create a website that will connect with our clients’ customers.

In the website design process, we also ask our client what pages they would like to have on their website. Are they going to have a “History” page? An “About Us” page? A “Services and Products” page? Are they going to be selling products online? Do they need an e-commerce website? What kind of functionality would they like? These are all questions that we include in the web design process with the client so that we can get a good idea of what kind of website they would like us to build.

And finally we discuss what keywords people are going to be using when they look for our client’s business. This helps us develop a search engine optimization (SEO) plan. We find out what keywords the client thinks their customers will be using to search for their website online. We then use keyword tools to expand that keyword list. We find words that have a lot of demand (there are many people searching using these keywords) and we base the website plan on these keywords.

Because we are as CEO specialists, when we are going through the website design process, we don’t just plan and build a wonderful functioning website. We build a website with content that helps boost your search engine rankings so your site shows up higher in the search engines. And isn’t that the whole point?