Top 5 Web Design Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Do you want to be sure that visitors will never leave your website just after landing there? Would you like to get individuals to remain on your site for a longer time, to click on or purchase more items? If so, follow these 5 basic Web design tips.

1. Keep the navigation uncomplicated and direct
Simply put, complex navigation is a significant flaw of the website and discourages visitors to the site. Keep the navigation very simple and attempt to avoid scripts or even confusing flash based menus.

2. Test how your site looks in other browsers
While you are developing your website it is essential to check out how it appears on some other web browsers. You might also check the site’s web design to ensure it conforms to the web standards by visiting the site. Testing on other devices such as ipads and androids is a good idea as well.

3. Refrain from using Duplicate Content
Your website must not consist of any content material which is duplicated from other internet sites. Search engines like Google are able to recognize that very easily, and your site might even get de-indexed.

4. Optimize Graphics Utilizing Proper Coding
Top quality photos which have been modified to the appropriate dimensions and set to the correct format minimize page load times. Understand when it is best to use a .png, .gif, and a .jpg. Also, give a useful and appropriate name to the photo, for on-page SEO purposes.

5. Search Engine Optimization
Your site should have; at the very least, the fundamentals in on-page SEO done in order to remain competitive. Titles tags, alt tags, sub titles, meta data, and .xml site maps are vital for a website to be successful. Make sure that all pages have well written content that is keyword rich, without overuse or abuse, make sure that your titles make sense and make use of desired keywords, do your keyword research! These things are paramount to the success of your website in the online market.

In closing, keep the navigation to your website simple, make sure it works on all browsers and devices, avoid using content from other sites, use proper coding for graphics and use keywords that will aid your site in the search engines. If you follow those five steps you should be on  your way to building a successful website.